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Blue Ribbon Mobile Media, LLC.
Bringing Dynamic Advertising
                                To A Street Level Audience
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What Can Blue Ribbon Mobile Media Do For You

    Blue Ribbon Mobile Media provides a dynamic opportunity for local and national companies to promote their products and services to a street level audience of over 70 million viewers annually.

    Don’t choose traditional billboards with static, hard to update, old school signage, when you have the opportunity to revolutionize your marketing campaign through a mobile medium which provides support for everything from static text, graphics, and Flash, to full motion high definition videos.

    Our Digital Signage Devices have the ability to immediately change your advertising elements for special occasions, events, and unique offerings. By adopting the use of this type of media it will allow you keep tempo with the rhythm of your target audience.

    If you haven’t compared traditional signage to the new digital medium yet, take a look, you will immediately find that the digital delivery of your advertising elements create an intensely compelling, provocative, and extraordinarily subliminal opportunity to get your message across.

    With Blue Ribbon Mobile Media’s dynamic High Definition Screens we will provide you with the ability to exhibit your advertising element over 10,000 times every month! This means each asset space you purchase from us is displayed in front of the Downtown Indianapolis public for over 1,600 minutes a month!

    According to the statistics we have gathered from the U.S. Census, The Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, Visit INDY, the Indiana Convention Center and Lucas Oil Stadium, and an IUPUI Capstone Research Project by Langford and Meaux, over 70 Million people traversed the streets of downtown Indianapolis, spending over 4 billion dollars in 2012.

    If only two percent of the visitors that come to Indianapolis see one of your advertisements displayed on our screens (that’s just 10 people around when the advertisement plays), your investment in our service will repay you with over 100,000 impressions per month. That adds up to over 1 million impressions a year! Just 10 people! Honestly, can you look anywhere in downtown Indianapolis and not see more than ten people hanging around? Walking the streets, outside the clubs, in the restaurant windows, in an outdoor café, in a car, or on a bike, people are everywhere! Blue Ribbon Mobile Media provides you with an opportunity to advertise your business in a dynamic, exciting, mobile way in Downtown Indianapolis.




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